MainPlus: independently supported quality


Awards & Certifications


Over the past years, MainPlus has won several prizes and awards. Our MainFlow IT platform, for instance, was awarded the prestigious Dutch Interactive Award (DIA). An expert jury emphasised on the completeness of our system that enables property owners and maintenance companies to keep track of the entire process with a single system in real-time. This leads to a TCO savings potential of up to an annual € 100 per housing unit!


All MainPlus services are based on a high quality execution and financial reliability. To further enforce this promise and our core values, we implemented a quality system to continuously look for opportunities to further improve our service. The results of this quality system are annually audited by a third party. This provides an independent guarantee for our customers and partners, as it confirms our reputation as a reliable partner in the supply chain.

  • ISAE3402 type I:the International Standard of Assurance Engagements has become the standard in maintenance outsourcing for housing corporations, commercial property owners and property managers. The ISEA 3402 statement issued to MainPlus not only offers our customers a quality label, but also the assurance that all processes are being systematically executed, monitored and evaluated.
  • ISO 27001:the international standard for information security. Its purpose is to safeguard the availability, integrity and confidentiality of all source information, personal information, information systems and statistics.
    • Availability: how do we ensure that the information and data within the organisation is always accessible when it is required?
    • Confidentiality: which people gain access to what information, and how?
    • Integrity: the information and data within the organisation must always be compliant and correct, how do we safeguard integrity?
  • Mendix: MainPlus uses innovative software solutions for continuous further optimization of our maintenance and damage recovery processes. The development of our own MainFlow IT platform on a Mendix platform testifies to that. Our consultants were all trained and certified by Mendix as Mendix Rapid Developers. This certification enables us to quickly respond to the evolving needs of our market.