MainPlus unburdens in solving damage cases


For Business

Are you an insurance company who wants to offer its customers professional service if damage occurs in or to their home? MainPlus Repairs offers a helping hand in the execution and improvement of every step of the damage repair process. We keep a tight grip on the entire process and are well ahead of the curve in the field of innovative IT applications.

Limit expenses to what is reasonably required

MainPlus Repairs does not earn a penny on the actual repair work. This assures to you that we closely guard your budget. At the same time, we monitor the quality by making performance agreements about the quality of the repairs and the satisfaction of those affected. As the satisfaction of the persons you insure is determined by how the people performing the work do their jobs, our interests are fully aligned with ensuring that these parties do their work properly and against reasonable market conditions. This ensures that everybody wins!

What does MainPlus Repairs offer?

  • Insurance companies are fully unburdened for all property and household claims
  • Efficient and cost-aware approach
  • Simple and transparent pricing for services
  • We ensure a quick and correct handing of claims
  • Superb customer satisfaction

What distinguishes MainPlus Repairs from other service providers?

  • Highly qualified and carefully selected repair partners
  • Fully transparent process with transparent pricing for all offered services
  • MainPlus Repairs has no financial interest in the repair costs, enabling us to achieve a competitive TCO
  • A LEAN-process by using our MainFlow platform