Damage? MainPlus Repairs helps



You have submitted a damage claim to your insurance company. To settle your claim as soon and properly as possible, your insurance company has requested MainPlus Repairs to contact you. What can you expect from us?

Damage is inconvenient

Whether something big or small broke down, it is important to solve this inconvenience as quickly as possible. MainPlus Repairs is here to assist you with that.

Our method: doing it quick and getting it right

The damage you have reported to your insurance company is immediately forwarded to the MainPlus Customer Contact Center. Our staff will contact you to ask a few additional questions to determine which expert and materials we will deploy to your location.
MainPlus Repairs works with repair experts across the country. They all know what is required to remedy every type of damage that may occur. Once we know all details about your problem, we know which recovery partner we should deploy to solve it for you.
In addition to repairing the damage you have suffered, we also take care of all administrative and financial details for you.

Quick guide

  1. Report the damage claim to your insurance company
  2. One of our Customer Contact Center operators will contact you for an intake and to schedule an appointment
  3. The repair expert visits you and repairs or replaces your damaged properties
  4. We take care of all administrative and financial settlement with all parties involved

Good to know

  • Deductibles: In some cases a deductible applies. In this case you have to pay for (a part of) the costs. We will send you an invoice once the repairs have been completed.
  • Irreparable: In some cases a repair proves impossible, for instance because an object was damaged beyond repair or due to natural wear and tear. If this occurs, we will either replace the item for you, or you can contact your insurance company to see whether you are eligible for receiving a financial reimbursement which you can use to arrange for the replacing item yourself.
  • Act of cession: The repair partner requests you sign a so called act of cession prior to carrying out the repair or replacement. This prevents you from having to upfront the invoice as you permit your insurance company to pay the bill to us, reducing paperwork for everyone involved.
  • Cause and effect: Your insurance company often covers consequential damage, but may not cover the cause. If this occurs, part of the repair costs must be paid by yourself. In this event, or if additional work is carried out at your request, you will receive an invoice from us. Of course we always provide you with an estimate prior to carrying out the work.
  • Acceptance report: Once the technician has repaired your damage, you sign the acceptance report to indicate that the repair was completed to your satisfaction.
  • Contact: Do you want to reschedule an appointment, or do you have a complaint? Please contact us at MainPlus Repairs at +31(0)88-011 70 70.