Unburden your maintenance

Property management and maintenance for housing corporations and commercial property owners has the potential for further improvement. MainPlus has proven that since 2011. Now, MainPlus also applies its vast know-how and experience for MainPlus Repairs. The objective? To help our customers with a maintenance and repair process that’s more economic, smooth and customer-oriented.

A Uniklus subscription

Are you a private home owner? A maintenance subscription to Uniklus is perfect for you! It’s for everyone who’s looking for a reliable technician who charges fair prices for quality work.


Meet Uniklus

mainplus efficienter en effectiever onderhoud

Quick and customer-oriented approach

The key to limiting expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

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mainplus huurderstevredenheid staat voorop

Customer satisfaction comes first

Quick and effective intake contact– either through the property owner’s website or our Customer Contact Center.

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mainplus efficienter administratief proces

Streamline your administration

Remove the clutter from your administration with a 98% reduction in your invoice flow.

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mainplus onderhoudsketen ondersteunend ict platform

Smart software to support the chain

Our unique MainFlow IT platform provides complete support to the entire chain.

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mainplus kwaliteit in de uitvoering

Quality performance

Over 90% first-time-fixed repairs, enabled by clear intake descriptions, reliable technicians and proper verification.

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mainplus resultaatgedreven in plaats van omzetgedreven

Not revenue-driven but result-oriented

We only earn from great results, not a dime from work performance itself. That keeps things fair.

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mainplus vastgoedeigenaar is in control

In control of your entire process

Obtain and improve grip on all your processes – especially those taking place externally.

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mainplus directe input voor vastgoedsturing

Direct property management input

All individual reports as well as their totals contain valuable information for your property management.

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