It always remains your home – also when something breaks

Quick, result-oriented and effective


Damage repairs

MainPlus Repairs helps both businesses and private owners to repair damage to their buildings, properties and inventory. We understand that few things are as cumbersome as damage occurring in your own home, so we act quickly to help you solve it. We offer warranties on all our work and do everything to limit the nuisance caused by the damage itself and the repair work. MainPlus Repairs has its own network of carefully selected repair partners. All parties involved have access to all required information with comprehensible, transparent and reliable state of the art software. This makes MainPlus Repairs predictable.


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What makes MainPlus Repairs unique:

  • Your house and belongings are ensured of proper care
  • Quick action: the repair process starts on the same day
  • Technician onsite within 2 hours in case of calamities
  • Certainty about quality, repair costs and progress
  • Supervision and coordination by professionally educated engineers
  • Reliable repair partners: selected with quality as the first priority
  • 24/7 availability: our Customer Contact Center is always available
  • Transparent: no commissions or surcharges
  • Full overview in progress and details with MainFlow